Securing the Future in Santa Rosa County

Northwest Florida has a dominant cluster of government IT/Cybersecurity and a modest but growing commercial cluster. Few locations around the country match the area’s concentration of military and federal cybersecurity investment.

Many assets that IT/Cybersecurity companies and their employees seek can be found here and in the surrounding counties. The region’s storied military history and culture are a compelling foundation to build upon.

Work Force Talent

Although the market for workforce talent is very tight, name brand companies paying close to national salaries can still get the employees they need. Efforts to create a pipeline of IT/Cybersecurity talent for tomorrow are in the works.

  • Pine Forest HS – Cybersecurity Academy
  • Locklin Tech – Cybersecurity Academy
  • West Florida HS – Academy of Information Technology
  • Pensacola State College – Cybersecurity CYSC-BAS
  • University of West Florida – Cybersecurity B.S.C.S.
  • University of West Florida – Cybersecurity M.S.A.

Cyberthon and other initiatives are beginning to generate career awareness among the next generation of workers. Organizations such as Innovation Coast and ITEN Wired are paving the way to mission-driven, private sector engagement.

UWF Center for Cybersecurity


Northwest Florida has a critical mass of anchor operations that rivals some of the nation’s most successful cyber security strongholds:


  • Navy Center for Information Warfare Training
  • National Cybersecurity/Communications Integration Center
  • Navy Information Operations Command
  • Navy 10th Fleet and US Fleet Cyber Command
  • Air Force Joint Deployable Analysis Team Eglin
  • NSA
  • FBI


  • AppRiver
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Studer Group
  • SCSS