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Northwest Florida Industrial Park @ I-10 offers 88 project-ready acres certified through Gulf Power’s Florida First Sites Program. Parcels range from 2 to 88 acres. Discounts are available depending on capital investment, number of new jobs, and the average wage. The park is located off Interstate 10 and adjacent to commercial property, giving you the option of making products here and selling them next door – without needing to rezone.

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Studies Completed

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  • Title Search
  • Phase I Environmental Assessment
  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Archeological Study
  • Endangered Species

Amenity Quick-Check

  • Project-ready site
  • Immediate interstate access
  • Commercial air service
  • Foreign trade port access
  • Full utilities coverage
  • Telecommunications coverage
  • Emergency services
  • No noise restrictions
  • No wetlands or water

Site Layout

This 88-acre site features flat wooded terrain consisting of lakeland sand soil in a minimal flooding zone (Flood Zone C.) The site is zoned M1-Restricted Industrial and surrounded by land zoned Commercial, Restricted Industrial, Agricultural, and Military. There are no bodies of water, creeks, or wetlands.

Market Access

< 1 MILE

Access to the site is through four-lane Highway 87, with Interstate 10 less than one mile away, providing easy access to the entire northern Gulf Coast. Interstate 65 is less than an hour away for access Northward. Two-lane highways with controlled intersections provide access from the east and west, and north into Alabama.


The deep-water Port of Pensacola sits 25 miles away along the Gulf of Mexico and is Northwest Florida’s most diverse and business focused deep-water port. The port boasts a 33-foot channel depth with a 2-foot overdraft and a 1,600-foot turning basin radius.


The Pensacola International Airport provides six passenger, two charter, and two air cargo services within a 30-minute drive. It offers the convenience of two runways, with the longer one stretching 7,004 feet. Peter Prince Field sits just 2 miles away from the site and offers full-instrument-landing-capable general aviation airport services with a 3,700-foot runway a few minutes away.


12.47 KV electric service is available from Gulf Power, with a substation 2.5 miles away and lines running 200 feet from the site. The City of Milton has a two-inch (35 psi) natural gas line within 4,000 feet of the site.

The East Milton Water System provides a ten-inch water main line, located in the park’s right-of-way, pushing 40 psi on average. The line offers a 6.6 mgd permitted capacity, 1.9 allocated capacity with 4.4 mgd available. The are no encumbrances for adding capacity. The City of Milton’s on-site, eight-inch, gravity-fed wastewater line handles 435,000 gallons/day at capacity. The wastewater treatment plant serving the site permits a capacity of 2.5 mgd with a 1.96 mgd allocated capacity and 1.56 mgd average utilization.

Emergency Services

The fire station has an ISO 5/9 fire insurance rating and a two-minute average response time to the site.



A skilled workforce is here and ready to get to work. The County labor force is over 74,000. The regional labor force is over 300,000. With over 34,000 military retirees in the 325 zip code area companies have access to one of the largest concentrations of military retirees in the nation. The number of military retirees grows by roughly 2,400 each year.

  • WORKFORCE boasts over 70,000 people.
  • WORKFORCE EDUCATION perpares over 5,000 students through 47 different career academies and training programs.
  • LOCATION allows you to reach Houston and Nashville just as quickly as Miami.
  • MILITARY RETIREES make up one of the largest concentrations in the nation, with over 34,000 retirees and an average growth of 2,400 per year.
  • A SKILLED AND ACCESSIBLE labor force that is a perfect fit for your growing business.

We're serious about helping grow your business and stand ready to help every step of the way. Give us a call today.


Shannon Ogletree, Executive Director
 [email protected]

Santa Rosa County EDO
6491 Caroline Street, Suite 4
Milton, Florida 32570-4592

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